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Meet the nomad herself

Hey there, I'm Taylor. Welcome to my digital nomad life. In December of 2021, my boyfriend and I set out to travel the world while working remotely. 

I travel with a small, pink leather journal, and I like to write and draw in it. Yes, a physical pen-to-paper journal. It's a safe place for me to jot down thoughts, feelings, stories, and moments of inspiration. So I might surface some of the drawings on here for you.

I'm not here solely to create guides on "How to Become a Digital Nomad" or "Top 5 Cities in South America". I'm still figuring it out.


What I will do is share my unique, long-term travel journey with all my thoughts, feelings, ups, and downs as I test the waters of this nomadic lifestyle while working from anywhere in the world. And maybe through my lessons learned, you can too.

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