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Journal #9: NYE in Costa

Sheesh! What a year. I just posted my 2021 recap on Insta. I know. I know. It's a stupid trend, but, man, it's got me in my feels!

This year I went from Miami to Seattle to Scottsdale to Breckenridge to San Diego to Santa Clara to SD again to George, WA to Vegas to Stanley, ID to Sun Valley, ID to Portland to the Bay to SD again to Vegas back to the Bay and then Costa Rica.

And spent every other moment of the year in Seattle.

I will remember 2021 as the year I conquered a new city, made the decision with the love of my life to travel and work, and sent it on the adventure we'd dreamed of back in February of this year.

Our time in Costa Rica is also coming to a close, and I'd like to reflect on our first month of being digital nomads.

Although the first month is over, I don't feel like it went by too fast. I'm ready for the next stop but delighted with our time here. Is there more of Costa Rica I'd like to see? Of course! But I will be back and see more of this beautiful country someday. It doesn't have to be crammed into the short time we are here.

I'm not sure what the next year holds for us, but if Costa is any indicator, then we're in for a damn good ride. This month has been relaxing, fulfilling, challenging, evolving, and most importantly, filled with joy.

Brett and I have a daily ritual of stating our three favorite things from the day. Today we're reflecting on our month in Costa Rica. So here are my three favorite things from Costa Rica, December 2021:

  1. The lounge chairs by the pool at the Jaco Selina. Laying in those chairs was my 'me time' spent reading, journaling, napping, listening to podcasts, etc.

  2. Our first day in Santa Teresa. This whole day was so adventurous, magical, and fun. I was so happy on this day.

  3. The second to last night in Jaco, Brett wanted me to crank out NFT variants, so he tended to me, hand and foot. He bought me wine and refilled my glass whenever it was low, got me water, and fed me cookies all while I lay in bed drawing.

Side Project Update

I started drawing our NFT collection yesterday, and damn, does it look good. I really think these things could sell. Brett and I were discussing it over lunch today on the beach. The concept is like a perfect combination of the typical NFT aesthetic and our beachy, kooky selves.

Our next steps are:

  • Finish drawing the variants

  • Start a landing page and buy the domain name

  • Talk to Gannon, a buddy of our friend Mike, who started an NFT newsletter

  • Find a developer to help with the coding we'll need for the backend

  • Create hype and excitement around the launch

  • Create a white list (exclusive access to the first drop)

  • Open and sell!

I'll check back in on how things are going as we make our way through the list above.

It's so exciting to have a project like this outside of work. We were saying it's even more motivating to cut back on drinking, so we have more energy to devote to this on the weekends.

Speaking of cutting back on drinking, we went to bed at 9:00 pm on NYE. Mainly because we had to get picked up at 4:00 am the following day to catch our flight to Panama, but also, it's more fun to stay up late when we're surrounded by friends. So we closed out 2021 with a sushi dinner, a warm sunset, and Netflix.

Peace out, 2021.



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