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Journal #8: Santa Teresa Day 2

This is from a journal written on December 25, 2021.

7:45 am.

I steadily became aware of the light creeping around the blinds and a slow, painful thud against my temples as I eased into consciousness. I checked my phone and rolled over, angry at myself for waking with the sun (as I always do).

I had only slept two and a half hours.

Last night flew by, but we had stayed out soaking in the house beats deep in that jungle till almost 5:00 am. I peed and staggered back to bed where Brett still lay, lifeless. I passed out again.

The rest of the morning consisted of waking up, mustering the energy to get water and food (without success), then falling back asleep, only to wake up hungrier and thirstier than before—Merry fricken Christmas.

Finally, we got food and started the slow, slow journey to recovery. We FaceTimed with both of our families, who laughed at our current state of unwell.

By the time we hit our peak hangover, it was time to go on our fishing tour. I had booked this ocean sportfishing excursion for us as a Christmas present to Brett.

We made it on the boat, barely, and got out on the water. Feeling refreshed and excited, we dropped our lines in for the faster, larger fish offshore.

Less than two minutes went by when Brett felt a yank on his rod and began what felt like a ten-minute war with an unlucky tuna.

Woohoo! He reeled that puppy in, we took pics with it, and our captain cheered out to us, "No chicken for you tonight!"

The rest of the boat ride was pretty uneventful, but we were just fine with that. Brett had already caught the catch of the day, and I was afraid that if something even close to that size took my bait, I'd be FOOKED. I was out of breath just watching Brett wrestle with his. How the HELL was I going to do that?

Oh yeah, by the way, the only fishing experience I have is from my grandparents' pond in Sacramento when I was little. This was the big leagues.

We brought back enough tuna for a large Christmas dinner for the two of us, leftovers that we gifted to the Selina surf instructors working that night and poke bowls the following day.

Well, I'd say this was a successful Christmas abroad. Wouldn't you?



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