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Journal #7: Santa Teresa Day 1

This is from a journal written about December 24, 2021 (Christmas Eve)

So here's the deal with this CoLive program Selina offers: you pay a flat monthly fee, and you get to stay at up to three locations in one given month. Initially, we would spend all four weeks of December in Jaco. However, a friend suggested checking out Santa Teresa, another small beach town north of Jaco.

We thought, why not! Plus, since we already paid for the month of Selina and they have locations in Santa Teresa, we'd only be paying extra for transportation.

The shuttle picked us up in Jaco at 9:00 am and drove us about half an hour north to Playa Herradura to catch a taxi boat to Montezuma. Another shuttle was to pick us up from there and take us to Selina Santa Teresa North (all this transportation was organized by Selina and cost us $55/person each way).

When the shuttle driver dropped us off on the beach, we noticed no dock insight. We began to wonder...

How the heck are we getting on this boat? Are we in the right place?

Well, yes, we were. But no, you do not use a dock to board the boat (friggen gringos).

When the boat came into shore, it backed up, two crew members hopped off, and the ship was coaxed to about two feet of water, right where the small waves were lapping onto the sand.

I glanced down at my roller suitcase and thought, Welp, I guess I'm carrying her on my shoulders.

WELP. I stood corrected as one of the crew members started taking our luggage, to my surprise and relief. He grabbed a duffle and slung it over his shoulder. Then a backpack. Two! Slung on his other side and his front. Then he grabbed my roller and hiked it up on top of his shoulder!

I felt a little pathetic, like, I could've carried my bag. At the same time, they seemed to have a system of grabbing all the bags and stowing them away under the boat's seats. They then shuffled us all on the boat, and away we went.

It was pleasantly entertaining to see how much these men enjoyed their job.

They drive a boat back and forth on the beautiful pacific coast of Costa Rica. By the way, they were smiling and constantly joking with each other; I couldn't tell whether they were brothers or homies. Either way, they seemed to be genuinely enjoying life.

About 15 minutes in, the captain cut the engine, pointed to the left side of the boat, and yelled, "Dolphin!" We circled this pod of dolphins grazing the surface of the water and giving us a show for the next few minutes. It was awesome and Brett's first time seeing them in the wild!

It's funny. After we got back up to speed and on course for Montezuma, Brett and I looked at each other and chuckled. "A water taxi in Seattle would not have done that. If anything, they may have said, 'And on your right, you'll see a pod of dolphins. Look quick cause I cannot slow down and back up the schedule today, folks,'" I said as I smiled out over the ocean.

We landed on the white sand beach with turquoise water bobbing the boat up and down and long, coy palms greeting us with a sway.

Banana Beach Club

We arrived at our Selina around 1:00 pm and waited for our room by the pool with a couple of beers in hand, singing along to Jingle Bell Rock blasting over the courtyard.

We had a couple of options to consider for plans tonight. Don't worry. I stuck to my word about not planning anything ahead of time.

Both suggestions had come from fellow taxi boat passengers. The first was to get dinner at a beach club about one kilometer south of our Selina, Banana Beach. So once we got settled into our room and changed into our swimsuits, we headed down the winding, tree-lined path to the beach.

There is very little beach-front property in this small beach town. Most of the time, you have to wind down paths like this till you are plopped onto a gorgeous stretch of beach.

The sun was beginning to set, and we walked along the shore until we came across the beach club.

This place was perfect. Think, a boujee South Beach beach club but more chill and inviting.

Brett and I walked through a few Adirondack chairs and day beds (which all had reservations posted on them). The waitress said we could sit anywhere until a reservation arrived. So we picked two chairs with a view of the water and immediately ordered drinks and food; beer for Brett, Aperol Spritz for me, pizza, and calamari to share.

And we ate and drank and fell more in love as the sky turned from yellow to orange and the hermit crabs started to make their nightly descent down the beach to the water.

And guess what, Lou never showed up for his reservation. Thanks for the seats, Lou!

Jungle Rave

After dinner, we drank some more in our room to prep for the night. Then we went out on a mission to find some sendy people to join us on the second suggestion we had for the night—a DJ set in the middle of the jungle from 8 pm to 8 am.

Brett and I were down to go, but the problem was how to get out there. We heard that you need to find a 4x4 taxi and most importantly you need another one to bring you back out of the jungle.

Brett talked to a few groups with little success. Just when we were about to lose hope, these New Yorkers struck up a convo with us. They expressed some interest in the jungle party but wanted to hit another bar first and drink about it.

So we walked back to Banana Beach. Brett slipped and ate shit on the walk over, but, hey, nothing a few more beers couldn't fix. Oh yeah, the roads here are awful, super narrow with no actual sidewalks. Most people get around by dirt bike or ATV.

We drank and talked, and ultimately it was time to decide: Are we going to send it? Some apprehension amongst the group led me to proclaim,

"Let's leave it up to fate!" Huh? I clarified, "If there is a 4x4 taxi on the road when we leave this club, we are going."

The New Yorkers still seemed iffy, but I looked at Brett, and he knew exactly what my eyes were asking him. His smirk and raised eyebrow confirmed he was in.

"Perfect. Let's go."

And I kid you not, as we emerged onto the road, there was a large taxi idling with an Irishman and a Dutch boy trying to explain to the driver where this jungle party was.


We hopped in the car with them and ditched the New Yorkers. What we thought was going to be a 20-minute drive turned out to be a 45-minute Indiana Jones adventure deep into the jungle to the neighboring area of Cabuya.

When we hopped out of the taxi, we were surrounded by trees, coatis running through the headlights on the trail, and a pulsing beat coming from not far away.

To be continued in Journal #8...



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