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Journal #6: Bike Day in Jaco

This is from a journal I wrote on December 19, 2021.

Today was perfect. We slept in, got breakfast at the Selina beach-side restaurant, tanned by the pool, then rented bikes for the afternoon.

Brett has been wanting a new pair of sunglasses. Correction, he needed a pair of sunglasses. So we decided we'd take the bikes to do a little shopping and then hit up the one brewery in Jaco, Puddlefish Brewing.

Biking around the streets of Jaco, we started to feel like we could live here one day. We've been talking about getting our first property abroad, and Costa Rica has always been very high on our list of interests. It's cheap, beautiful, and decently close to the states.

The most recently discussed plan would be to get a property. A 2-bd condo to start would be nice. We would live in it for six months to a year. Then we would put it on Airbnb and start traveling again to look for the next property.

While sipping beers at the brewery, Brett sporting his fresh new shades, we looked on real estate sites to get an idea of what we might be able to afford here in Jaco. Prices weren't bad, and we even found condos for sale in this modern high-rise that reminded us of our building in Seattle, but with ocean views and a pool.

Do you want to know the best part? A 2-bd condo with an ocean-view balcony is $200k–$300k. Not bad for a modern, ocean-view condo one block from the beach. Especially because something similar in San Diego would be more than double that price. Costa Rica, you might be onto something.

To wrap up today, I want to mention that this was the first time we both felt calm and peaceful, not worrying about work or what we were doing next. It took us two weeks to settle in and feel that sense of comfort with where we are. I'm glad we're spending three weeks here. :)

Check-in Time

Instead of detailing the minutiae of our routines in each journal entry, I'd like to summarize them periodically and reflect on how our routines have been working (or not working, lol). So here goes:


When we got to Jaco, we immediately signed up for a two-week membership at the gym around the corner from Selina. I'm so glad we did this right away, so at least we can attempt to stick to a workout plan. We know we both need a set workout routine to help manage stress levels and just stay in shape.

I tried running on the beach the first two days we were in Jaco (something I had glamorized in my head), but that was short-lived. In 80% humidity, my lungs refused to keep up with my heart rate.


We also watch a show or movie every night. It helps wind us down and gives us a sense of familiarity with home. Right now, we are watching Suits.


We eat out every single night. And Costa Rica is cheap, but not as cheap as you'd think. However, with the state of the communal kitchen at this Jaco location of Selina, any dish that requires a normal to a large amount of prep or cooking effort is entirely not worth it. This is due to the effort needed to find a suitable bowl, an available burner, forget about baking because there is no oven and the fridges are packed full. So we skip it altogether.

We buy cereal, fruit, snacks, and PB+J supplies for breakfast and lunch. So this offsets the cost of eating out every night. Also, the food at the Selina restaurant is DANK, and there are plenty of restaurants in close walking distance.

Random thoughts

Everything in Costa Rica is more colorful than back home—plants, animals, water, everything. Even the squirrels here are like orange.

Brett and I are slowly becoming business partners. We're always spit-balling ideas for companies or investment opportunities for us and challenging each other to think about our ideas in different ways. It's exhilarating.



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