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Journal #4: Trip Goals

This is a journal entry I wrote on December 13, 2021.

Brett and I decided it'd be nice to define some personal goals for the trip before leaving to understand better what each of us wants out of this next year.

So here are mine:

  1. Disrupt and shift my definition of living a successful life.

  2. Maintain my independence.

  3. But also deepen my relationship with Brett. :)

  4. Do one thing that scares me in each country.

  5. Learn a cultural aspect or lesson in each country that I can apply to my present or future life.

  6. Learn more about myself by spending more time in thought and journaling.

  7. Strengthen my spiritual practices: God, yoga, meditation, etc.

  8. Set a savings goal to add to my property fund and hit it by the end of the year.

  9. Lean into social media to share my journey and hopefully inspire others.

In creating these goals, we aim to seek purpose in this trip by answering the question: Why are we doing this? What are we looking to get out of it? Besides the apparent notions that traveling the world is incredible and something that not everyone has the balls to pursue (at least to the extent that we're doing it).

What I want is a guiding force and something concrete to reflect on. A year from now, will I be able to say that I've achieved all of these goals? Maybe not, and that's ok. But I anticipate that I can still measure my growth based on my goals now and how they will most definitely shift over this journey.

Yet there appears to be this beautiful dichotomy between what we seek, plan, attempt to grasp and the inevitability of ambiguity.

I dealt with ambiguity when I went to Seattle: new city, new job, the potential for new friends. Yet I was still in the states, still a quick plane ride away from friends and family.

Now, I'm faced with new languages, new cultures, learning to handle time-zone changes with work, potentially unreliable wifi. I'm learning to deal with ambiguity on a whole new level. And at the same time, embrace it.

To me, embracing this ambiguity means not planning much past flights and accommodations. And let me tell you, that is going to be challenging.

To my core, I am a planner. I got that from my parents: my dad's military background of timing things perfectly and always having a plan, and my mom's adventurous nature of wanting to take full advantage of a place and everything it has to offer.

I hope to look back to the goals above to check in on myself; have that sense of guidance and grounding; while letting the cards fall where they may. In doing this, I hope to encounter more organic, spontaneous moments.

I think Melody Beattie put it beautifully with her take on ambiguity in her December 13th meditation in Journey to the Heart:

"Let the pieces be. Let yourself be. Sometimes, chaos needs to precede order. The pieces will come together in a picture that makes sense, in a beautiful work of art that pleases."

P.S. Thanks for the book rec, Jess. <3



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