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Journal #32: Our Furry Angel

This is from a journal written on March 1, 2022, in Cusco, Peru.

Ok, y'all. This dog seriously stole our hearts. Let me tell you about our encounter with a young black lab mix we named Pica.

We first met Pica last weekend when we were walking around the plaza. She actually scared me because she was barking at this guy like she was going to bite him. Then she came over to us and walked beside us before heading off into the park.

We didn't see her again until this morning.

Brett and I decided that for our morning workout, it'd be fun to do a little hike up to some ancient ruins on the hill next to our neighborhood, Sacsayhuaman. And yes, it's pronounced like Sexy Woman.

Little did we know we would have a little buddy tagging along for the hike.

Not even two minutes into the walk, Pica appeared next to us. We recognized her from the other day!

We said hello to each other as we were walking across the square but we were not prepared for what happened next. We expected her to peel off at some point and return to wherever she came from, but this dog stayed glued to our side as we started to make our ascent up the steep side streets.

Every time we thought she'd dip down an alley and ditch us, she'd turn back our way and sometimes even led us like she knew where we were going. She'd walk up ahead of us and then turn back to check on us every couple of minutes.

Also, it should be noted, we didn't pet her or feed her anything. When it comes to dogs in Peru it's a toss-up whether a single dog is a stray or belongs to someone because all dogs roam the streets.

It was so strange, though; it felt like she either knew us in a past life or was sent to us by the universe to protect us on our one-mile hike to Sexy Woman.

Anyway, this sweet girl accompanied us up to the top of the ruins and back down to the plaza.

When we passed the plaza, we tried to shoo her off and coax her back to where she came from. But she wouldn't budge from our sides.

We even stopped at a cafe to get some bread and water to feed her, but she didn't want any.

We had to go back to the hostel, and she literally followed us inside and laid outside our room until we came out to go to the cowork.

Eventually, she was pushed out by the hostel staff, and Brett and I were left in shambles.

What do we do now? We can't just leave Pica, right? Do we adopt her? Does she already have a home here?

If we adopted her, would we cancel the rest of our plans? Brett suggested that we move to Wyoming, buy a piece of land, and raise the pup.

We couldn't focus on work, and I had posted a TikTok about her, so everyone and their brother were messaging me to adopt her. Even Matt, one of my best friends from home, offered to take care of her while we finished the rest of our trip!

But no, she probably has a home. Plus, we've already booked a month in Argentina and a month in Chile. We'd lose all that money plus whatever it would cost to fly home last minute and who knows what kind of adoption fees and vet expenses we'd inure from this little cutie.

It didn't make sense.

Brett didn't care how much it would cost. He was ready to risk everything for Pica.

But, ultimately, we never saw our little angel again.

I hope she's safe and helping other tourists complete their hikes safely. And maybe on our way home from Europe in the fall we'll stop by Cusco to see if she's still there to pick up and take back with us.




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