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Journal #29: Future Thoughts

This is from a journal written on February 22, 2022, from Cusco, Peru.

Brett put me on tho this podcast called, About Abroad. The host moved with his wife to Valencia, Spain, and he interviews other digital nomads, location independents, and ex-pats.

Every episode is so inspiring because you get a glimpse into how someone else has managed to move to a new country, and every story is different! There are so many places to go and ways to support yourself digitally.

Through listening to his interviews, I've learned that many countries want foreigners to come in and boost their economy, so they're making it easier to get a visa as a digital nomad.

Hearing all of this not only enlightens me that it's possible to move abroad but also fuels my desire to do so one day.

Initially, Brett and I planned to travel for a year and then return to the U.S. for the holidays. After that point, we haven't planned anything.

We have a vague desire to 'relaunch' after our visit home and go back out to see more of the world. At this point in our travels (about three months in), the constant bouncing around is already starting to take a toll on us.

We're still having a blast, but after arriving in Cusco, I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, Damn. I look tired. Never before have I had such deep bags under my eyes.

We still want to travel, but maybe this style of traveling to a new place and only spending between one and three weeks there isn't as sustainable as we thought.

This is why moving to a new country on a visa sounds like it could be the next phase for us.

Now you might be wondering, Tay, where in the world would you want to live?

My answer to you: Portugal!

Cool, Tay. Have you been to Portugal? Do you know you like it?

Well, no. Not yet, at least. We'll be heading there this summer. But, why Portugal? Let me tell you:

  1. Location: It's as far west as you can get in Europe (ideal for time zoning back to the U.S.). And it's been likened to California, which is, of course, a plus because I love California, my home.

  2. Weather: It's pretty mild year-round.

  3. Geography: Beaches, mountains, proximity to other countries.

  4. Visas: Portugal is leading the charge with several different visas geared to digital nomads.

  5. It's part of the EU, which essentially unlocks the opportunity to travel to all the other EU countries whenever we want, without worrying about travel-related restrictions.

  6. Standard of living: I've heard Portuguese people can be amiable, and in general, the cost of living is much lower than in other parts of Europe.

So, come 2023, we may be applying for a Portuguese visa and moving over there for a year!

Stay tuned.



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