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Journal #27: Lima

This is from a journal written on February 20, 2022.

We had an interesting week in Lima. Not the best step we've had but also not awful. Let me describe Lima for you.

Flying in, it looked like we were flying onto the set of Dune. As far as the eye can see, stretched tan and orange sand and tiny little houses dotting the earth all the same color as the sand.

It's on the coast, so it was a little cooler than the last spots we've been to, which was lovely and reminded me of the weather in San Diego.

Driving down the coast to our next Selina, I felt like we were in Santa Monica with the beach on our right full of volleyball nets, skate parks, basketball hoops, concrete soccer courts, and large cliffs to our left with walking bridges to get down to the beach from the city.

Lima is also a massive city, holding a third of Peru's population of 33 million.

It's a major gastronomical hub too, with several world-renowned restaurants. One of which, called Central, is the #1 restaurant in Latin America and #4 globally.

We tried to get reservations there the week of... but, big surprise, they were booked through March.

I was able to get us reservations at Merito, however. Which debuted at #37 on the list of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants and was started by two renowned chefs, one of whom had worked at Central before beginning this project.

This dinner was the highlight of the workweek.

I was feeling kind of down again for some reason. You know, unmotivated, tired, starting to get anxious about gaining weight from eating out all the time and not having a solid workout routine.

We did find a gym this week, which has been such a nice release. I just still couldn't get out of my head, thinking I'm not as toned as I was this summer.

But, no shit, Tay. You were a fitness instructor who worked out 1-2 times a day!

I shouldn't expect to be meeting the same fitness goals as I was when I was in a more stable environment. Now, I'm working out less and eating out more. I don't feel physically as great as I did working out consistently and cooking generally healthy meals for myself back in Seattle, and I'm getting down on myself for it.

But, I'm realizing, after having a minor melt-down this week, that I have to accept something new here: It is impossible to have a routine in the traditional sense while traveling long-term. I need to make new goals for myself and create a more broad 'routine' around them.

Setting a goal that I want to get two HIIT workouts and two lifts in each week would require two things that are not in my control these days, a gym and no health hiccups. So let's get more broad. This week, I want to move my body once every weekday for at least 30 minutes and alternate some cardio and some strength.

Boom. That is all dependent on me. I can go for a walk or run for cardio. That's free and doesn't require any equipment. I can also use my Peloton app to do a bodyweight strength class like pilates or yoga.

My life has changed, so my goals and expectations should too.

Anyway, Brett and I both kind of fumbled through this week until Friday night when we both opened up about not feeling great, over some Pisco Sours. It was a relief to know he was feeling similarly and comforting to agree that maybe these ups and downs during travel are more typical than we thought.

Mentally, we felt off this week, and we're a bit sad we only had a week here in Lima. I wouldn't give this city a great review, but we didn't give it much of a chance. However, I'm sure we'll be back one day and, next time, we'll make all our reservations ahead of time.



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