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Journal #26: Emilie

This is from a journal written on February 17, 2022, in Lima, Peru.

I made a friend, like a real-ass friend that I plan to keep in touch with and meet up with in other countries.

We met the first night Brett and I arrived in Medellin and we all chatted for a bit. However, she decided to stay back while the rest of us went out that night.

I found out that she's French but has lived most of her life in London (hence her cool, blended accent). She's been a digital nomad for the past couple of years and does freelance web development through Shopify.

Now, it's not always glamorous. We talked about clients' lack of boundaries and the stresses of running your own business. But, it allows her to travel the world, and that is worth it!

It was intriguing to find this out because going freelance has always been an option for me. In fact, Brett strongly suggested that I do this back when we were thinking about going to Australia for the year.

But I had my reservations. I would be running my own business for the first time from another country, where I have little to no connections. I had also tried working freelance with a client back in college, which was a slightly traumatic experience.

But anyway, back to Emilie.

She recently launched a digital marketplace, where she aims to find small businesses that create unique products (mainly clothing) to feature them on her site. It's called Fara Way, and right now, she's featuring an artist who creates these one-of-a-kind hats (perfect for a festival weekend).

How freaking cool!

Here she is traveling solo, running her businesses, and living the dream. It's funny. When I asked her to send me her business website, she answered, "Which business?" #bossbabe. Between starting her own marketplace and working freelance with clients, she's able to create her schedule and be remote while doing it.

Her style of travel is to be away for a few months and then return to London for a few months. This kind of balance might be nice for Brett and me in the future. Our year-long send might not be as sustainable in the long run. So, it's nice to hear a different way to do it from someone like Emilie.

Emilie, thanks for being an inspiration to me and grabbing lunch we me during the workday (I still dream about that Greek place). Oh, and for convincing me to stay out dancing till 2:00 am the night before our Guatape tour.

See you in Lisbon this summer! <3

Insta: @emcarachloe



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