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Journal #21: Birthday Week

This is from a journal written on February 4, 2022, in Cartagena, Colombia.

Birthday week! Hah! Holy shit, this week was insane. My older sister flew into Cartagena on Saturday, and, unbeknownst to me, my little sister came with her!

I thought I was meeting up with my older sister to see her fancy hotel and then grab something to eat. However, when I got to the room and walked out to the balcony to examine the view, Katie was sitting right there waiting for me!

I was stunned, shocked, excited, and I cried a little. Although I haven't yet felt homesick, it was refreshing to be back together with family and do it while exploring a new country.

We spent the next couple of days eating, drinking, exploring, eating some more, and just basking in each other's company.

Unfortunately, Katie was having tummy issues most of the time, but she powered through and still joined us on most outings.

Oh, and Mandy got good poisoning the second to last morning, which was rough.

It was quite illuminating to the realities of having friends and family meet up with us. It is a massive send for them no matter where we are in the world—traveling internationally, during the pandemic, eating new food, operating in a new timezone. All of these factors can be exhausting and wear on the body.

So, thank you, Mandy and Katie, for spending the time and the money to come down here, catch up, drink up, and laugh our asses off.

And thanks, Brett, for being our designated bodyguard and putting up with our shit all week.

I love you all. Thanks for a beautiful birthday.

Highlights from our week in Cartagena:

  • Drinks at the Movich rooftop, Alquimico, and the Mirador rooftop with our favorite bartender, Diego

  • Dinner at Celele

  • Pool day at Sofitel

  • Private beach day lounging thanks to Hotel Casa Agustin

  • Sister time!

  • Everyone passing their covid tests to get back home :)



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