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Journal #13: The Big Snooze

This is from a journal written on January 9, 2022, from a hammock in Diablo Island in San Blas.

I bought a kindle before setting out on this work and travel trip. I would highly recommend getting one of these compact, digital libraries to anyone setting out to travel for extended periods.

You Are a Badass

Currently, I am reading You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Here are my reflections on a chapter in the book titled, The Big Snooze. Sincero writes,

”Often times, taking great leaps of faith is labeled as irresponsible or selfish or insane (until you succeed of course, then you are brilliant). This is because:
Watching Someone else totally go for it can be incredibly upsetting to a person who’s spent a lifetime building a solid case for why they themselves can’t.”

Sincero explains the concept of ”The Big Snooze” in her book as what I understand as the rat race. She compares waking up from the Big Snooze to quitting smoking or drugs and the withdrawals one must endure before feeling better and healthy again.

“Same goes for when we rid ourselves of limiting subconscious beliefs that have been holding us back and take a giant leap outside our comfort zone. It’s a detox of such staggering proportions that sometimes it can feel like the Universe is conspiring against us…
"...when in reality, the Big Snooze is creating chaos in an attempt to self-sabotage and keep everything as is, instead of moving into unknown, yet desperately wanted, new territory. Every successful person knows this and has been through this”

Thinking about what Sincero is getting at makes me realize that I still have doubts. The overwhelming feeling is that this is good for me. I'm breaking out of the mold, escaping 'The Big Snooze.'

I think these doubts that creep in are what she's describing as 'The Big Snooze' fighting back. I still find myself questioning my actions with this trip and what I'm doing on social media.

Social Media Reflection

Should I use hashtags? Will that make me look desperate for likes?

No Tay. You’re not looking for likes. You’re looking to spread your content to more people looking for it. And hashtags are a great way to do that.

If I post twice in one day, are people going to get annoyed with me?

Who cares! You have enough content, tips, stories to share twice in a single day? That’s amazing! Do it!

Am I qualified to share tips on a location or activity that I’ve only experienced for a short amount of time? A local would be more qualified to do that, right?

That may be true, but stop it with the imposter syndrome. Your audience isn’t local Costa Ricans looking for things to do in Costa Rica. Your audience is people like you, Tay! Travelers, visitors, foreigners, who are in your shoes and appreciate any advice.

Wow, look at me with my social media affirmations. I should start writing more affirmations. It feels good.

I feel most alive when creating: drawing, writing, taking photos, creating ideas. Unfortunately, this does not include creating apps for banks or internal tools for insurance companies (sorry corporate design job).

I think that is the beauty of our kind. We are the only species on earth that creates for pleasure, not survival.

And I think that’s why I don’t feel alive at my job, because, in a way, I am creating for survival (you know, the salary that allows me to travel comfortably). Don’t get me wrong; I make a lot of money creating digital tools that help businesses and users. That part of my job is gratifying, but does it make me feel alive?

Then again, if I become a full-time content creator or artist and start doing what I love to survive, will it still me feel alive?

I guess I’ll have to wait and see…


I would highly recommend taking a leap of faith and then reading a self-help book while leaping instead of the other way around. I’ve never felt motivated enough by a single book to take a crazy action. So do it, and then read the book along the way. It speaks louder when applied directly to the way you live right now.



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