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Journal #11: We Got Sick

This is from a journal written on January 6, 2022.

Remember when I said I was feeling a little under the weather? I thought it was mostly from my hangover. Nope. Brett and I both caught something. Covid? Probably. We didn’t get tested, but we did self-quarantine for five days, starting feeling better by day two and feeling back to normal by the 4th day, today!

Thank God I’m feeling better because we were both starting to go a little crazy.

I’d get up, not work out; go on Instagram; stay in bed until my ‘morning’ meetings, which don’t start until 12:30 pm Panama time; we’d order takeout from the Selina restaurant downstairs, fettuccini Alfredo and a chicken sando to split ~health~; watch Suits, and pass out. Only to be woken up periodically by the beats of whatever DJ set was ensuing upstairs and subsequent drunk assholes yelling in the halls.

BUT I am stoked that we are better now because we are going to San Blas this weekend! The pictures on the website look straight out of one of those old Sandals brochures. The whole trip cost us around $300 and includes: transportation buy shuttle and boat to and from the islands, one-night accommodation, three meals, and late check-out on Sunday.

I was finally able to get outside this morning too! I did a peloton Pilates class in a secret spot I found on the roof, and I could get outside for a walk.

Now, as a woman, walking alone in a foreign country can be a bit intimidating, even in broad daylight, especially since we biked through a rough area of town last weekend that was not far from our hostel.

I made sure to go in the opposite direction of that area towards this little park on the water. As I approached the water’s edge, I spotted a girl squad. Three fit girls were powering-walking in full Lulu attire. Bingo. They look like they know where they’re going and if I follow behind them, not too close to raise suspicions but not too far to be out of earshot (you know, in case some tries to grab me).

This is my ticket to finding an excellent walking path here in Panama City!

As I followed, they rounded onto this ramp that looked like a freeway to this semi-circle bridge that loops over the ocean and around Casco Viejo.

Strange, I thought. But as I looped up behind them, VOILA! A beautiful walking path completely separated from the road. I found my new outdoor routine.



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