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Journal #10: PANAMA

This is from a journal written on January 2, 2022.

Que bellissimo! Our Selina hostel's neighborhood is vibrant, clean, and right on the water. The metro area of Panama City is right down the road, and it is much bigger than I had expected. I get a Miami feel from it.

We did our own walking tour of Casco Viejo and enjoyed the beauty of the colonial-style architecture, street performers, and fruit vendors.

But damn, it was hot! We got used to the heat and humidity in Costa Rica, but we were always a stroll away from the beach and had a consistent sea breeze. Here, still near the ocean, that breeze is less felt when walking in the compact streets of the old town.

We went hard last night on our rooftop with some new international friends, a Tesla guy from the bay, and a DJ.

So today, we biked to the canal and then spent the rest of the day in bed. I’m glad we were on bikes, too, because we just sent it straight through a sketchy area adjacent to the pretty tourist area of Casco Viejo. When we got back to the room, I wasn’t feeling fantastic, and we were both tired from the drinks and travel of yesterday.

But this is the beauty of traveling for extended periods of time; I don’t feel bad about staying in and ‘wasting‘ a day because we have plenty of time here.

Brett says, “We’re not traveling; we’re living abroad.” That is a beautiful way to put it, and it further backs the importance of rest days. You take rest days in your everyday life, don’t you? Well, then we should get them in our every abroad life as well.

Oh, and while lazing in bed, we booked a 2-day tour to the islands of San Blas, indigenous maintained, Caribbean islands. I’m so excited, EEK!



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