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Journal #1: The Beginning

This is a journal entry I wrote on June 8, 2021. :)

I've never been much of a journal writer, but one extraordinary person in my life - a sister really - inspired me. Thanks, A.

A little bit about myself:

  • I am 24, from San Diego, live in Seattle, and have my dream job. I'm a UX/UI Designer at a digital design agency called Smashing Ideas

  • I also have a side hustle teaching HIIT classes at F45

  • I live with my boy, Brett, and our friend Sam

  • Oh yeah, and we just made it out of a massive, world-altering pandemic (lol, not entirely, but as you can see, I am a glass-half-full kind of girl)

So, why am I here?

Well, my boyfriend and I are a colossal cliche, and after being cooped up and shut off from the rest of the world for a year, we want to quit our jobs and get TF out of the United States. But before we pack up and leave, we have one more summer in Seattle!

So, as bars start to allow us to stand and drink again and mask mandates begin to relax, there's a growing feeling that this might be the best summer ever!

To start us off, I'd like to run through my plans, thoughts, and emotions about the adventure at this very moment.


Our original plan was to go to Australia for a year to give you a little background. We'd get a work visa and new jobs out there. Then we'd go to Berlin for a year, get new tech jobs and travel all over Europe.

Because our Seattle lease ends mid-September, we thought, "Let's move out, hit Hawaii on the way for a month, and land in Australia right in time for their summer!"

Then two things happened:

  1. We met an Aussie named Chris (S/O Pilot Papi), who expressed his concern about making it home for Christmas

  2. Melbourne just went back into lockdown last week (which I know because I listen to the Shameless podcast)

So, unfortunately, since the Aussies can't get their shit together, Brett and I may have to pivot.

New plan

Move out of Seattle in September.

Still hit Hawaii for 2-4 weeks and stay with Brett's cousin.

Head back home for the holidays (live with the parents for about a month).

At the dawn of 2022, we ride!

  1. Southeast Asia – 1-2 months

  2. Australia (if it's open) – 6-12 months

  3. Somewhere in Europe – 6-12 months


Excited: duh.

Nervous: not really (too far away)

Anxious: yes, in regards to quitting my job/asking to let me work remotely while traveling

Anticipated relief: I cannot wait to purge my closet and sell most of our stuff

Inspired: I want to take full advantage of this time to explore what I want to do with my life (i.e., travel Instagram, bikini company)


I feel comfortable with the new plan. Although I'm most excited to live in Australia, I believe the extra time spent with our family and friends will help ground us before we leave.

I know our plans are still subject to change and will be before and during our trip. So, allowing myself the flexibility in accepting this fact has avoided any amount of stress leading up to this point.

I am also stoked to kick off this summer with new friends.



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