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Journal #2: Three Months Later...

This is a journal entry I wrote on September 20, 2021.

Welp! Summer in Seattle has come to an end. As I sit here in Brett's little brother's room at their parent's home in Pleasanton, CA, I'd like to reflect on the past three months and my experience in Seattle as a whole.

To start, I'd like to describe my present feeling. I am light, peaceful, almost at bliss. However, yesterday, I left my home and people who will forever be dear friends. I cried, cried so hard that my contact fell out!

How could I not be emotional? As Brett and I drove away from the city that shaped me, challenged me, and broke me down to build me up stronger than I could've imagined.

How could I not be emotional? As we drove down the 5 with a Ford Fusion-sized car-load of our things, Colombia Tower, the Space Needle, and our beloved Cielo steadily shrinking away in the distance.

How could I not be emotional? I had just given out final hugs to my co-workers, F45 members, friends, and SAM (my roommate turned brother). Fuck man! Of course, I cried.

But I realized I wasn't crying tears of loss – I was crying tears of joy, pride, and nostalgia. I did that!

I came to this city knowing two people, Brett and Sam. At the time, I was about to start my first "Big Girl" job. New city, new people, new job. Scary? Uh, yeah.

But I came out of it with a gaggle of close, new friends, a rewarding job working with incredibly talented people (who are also going to let me work and travel, but we'll get to that in a bit), international connections made through my F45 members, a promotion that got me to a 6-figure salary, a lesson on seasonal depression (it's real, but I learned great coping methods), an evolved relationship with my man, and countless memories. Including but not limited to: drinking with friends, beach volleyball at Golden Gardens, mom walks, rooftops, thrift shops, tattoos, smoke, snow, skiing, hiking, floating, boating, and biking.

Damn, Seattle. You are many things, but boring is not one of them.

They say time flies when you're having fun. Well, this summer soared. I couldn't be happier with the excessive amounts of fun (and alcohol) we had in this city – saying yes to absolutely everything.

And as we left, the leaves had begun to change, and the rain made its first appearance of the season—the weather, eerily reminiscent of how it was when we first arrived in Seattle two years prior. But don't cry for us Seattle, we'll be back soon.

So you might be wondering, “Tay, what’s the update on your job and travel plans?” Don’t worry; I’m getting to that.

Job Update

July was a huge month for me. I had received my promotion the month prior and stumbled upon an excellent hostel company called Selina.

Selina is different from conventional hostels because they offer private rooms/bathrooms and have office spaces at each location! This is a digital nomad’s dream. You can rent a desk space daily, and they offer free yoga classes every day. They offer a monthly rate where you pay a flat fee upfront, and you get all services included, plus you can bounce between up to three locations in one month. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet – this rate is almost half of what Brett and I were paying in Seattle.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I thought it was a scam, too. Like, this is way too good to be true, right? But after scouring travel blogs and review sites for legit info on this company and its locations, it checked out!

This discovery was a game-changer because it meant guaranteed wifi and desk space to work. Bingo. I might be able to keep my job…

At this point, my company had been fully remote with no plan to go back into the office for almost a year and a half. I knew I would not be required to go back in anytime soon. The only thing is…

I don’t think anyone has ever done what I’m planning to do. This is unprecedented, and I’d be charting new territories.

With this breakthrough, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to talk to someone at work about it. So, I scheduled meetings with both my managers and laid it out like this:

“So, I’m thinking about traveling for a year – but I love my job, and I still want to work for this agency. I found this awesome company that I know will help me continue doing my job well (insert pitch on Selina). What do you think?”

The reaction from both of them was some variation of:

“Taylor, you have to do this!” “That sounds awesome!” “I wish I could have done something like this when I was your age.”

Well, that was easy! They both were in full support, hah! I can’t believe I was stressing so much about having those conversations.

Operation Keep My Corporate Design Job While Traveling is a GO!



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